Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Mistress of Seams

Everyone is talking about the queen of costume design once again. Coming back into the spotlight, Edith Head is becoming the inspiration for a new generation of designers.

I first discovered her a couple of years ago when i found the Shirley MacLaine "What a way to go" watch the trailer here...
Her costumes are awe inspiring. You must watch the movie just to see the pearl strand backless dress. Beautiful.

I've also recently bought the republished version of Head's book "The Dress Doctor: Prescriptions for style" and it is amazing. The big surprise in it was the gorgeous illustrations by Bil Donovan. His website is  you definitely need to check him out. Here are a couple of his illustrations found on 

They're stunning right?! Well off to lie around and read british Elle and Vogue. yum.

tot ziens

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