Sunday, June 14, 2009

The men.

Yeah i know, im pretty useless at this thing so here we go for post number two.
Thanks to my great (and newly engaged!! congrats!!) friend i have added two more blogs to my list. Not only is it important to surround yourself with beautiful and inspiring pictures of women wearing clothes you potentially dream about, it is important to have the male version thrown in their too.

Paul Newman! care of . god i saw this photo and an entire collection of clothes sprang from the depths of my brain. he was just so beautiful and bad looking. the kind of combination that girls inherently go for. i love the way he is just casually perched on the sidewalk, smoke hanging out and him in sweet digs. idol.

And then there was Joseph Gordon Levitt! care of another version of the beautiful but bad boy. melt. i obviously have a thing for guys that smoke. oops. i think this is definitely a strong look for guys this winter. layering, the preppy edge and the sophisticated yet casual and confident "i've just thrown this on" look.  

and guys if you want a blog to follow, check this guy out there is something about him that is ridiculously cool.

tot ziens

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