Monday, August 31, 2009

God's gift?

I recently found the wonderful website stumbleupon, a fantastic sight for finding new blogs that meet your interests. My beautiful friend Kate, like usual put me on to this little gem.

So for the next couple of posts i will give you a couple of hints at the sort of things I'm looking at, but i do recommend checking it out for yourself.

These images are from the really interesting and some what controversial (but in the best kind of way) blog Trend de la Creme. The article, suitably named "Maybe Givenchy really is God's Gift to Fashion?", centres around Riccardo Tisci's fall/winter 2008 collection for Givenchy. His inspiration? "Gothic Latino" with the added influence of a trip to Venezuela. What a recipe for perfection.
I'm very much a fan of Gothic architecture, especially in Cathedrals where the ceilings are just mind boggling. There is something heavy and dark about it, completely filled with somber emotion and very powerful. So combining this with fashion equals quite a big 'Well done Tisci', you really pulled off some beautiful pieces.
Stay tuned,
Tot ziens.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mr i want Black boots please.

Black boots anyone? yes the crowd cried! They are a staple of any girls wardrobe.

Even though technically we are going into summer now, i still haven't found my perfect pair this year, so with my moment of spare time this afternoon i did a bit of a search. And here is some of the boots i fell in love with.
Saks fifth avenue showcased these chic beauties. They are by Vera Wangs Lavender label and called 'Tory cuffed boots". Check them out for yourself here. I would lovingly wear these with thick black tights and a beautiful noir embellished dress.
These amazingly kick ass one are See by Chloe. Would you expect anything less from the label. I don't think so. Check them out more here. The whole grunge-glamour wave is perfect for these. Just don't look like you've dragged your self out of a rubbish bin, shoes like this should always be paired with beautifully put together clothes. E.g. tastefully ripped denim, vintage blouses and karen walker sunglasses.
Urban Outfitters bring you these boots with attitude. I love buckle details on boots so i couldn't resist adding these to my list. And at $68USD i really wish UO would get there game faces on and start shipping to little ol' New Zealand. If you want more, just click here.
With most things i save the best till last, and i definitely did that here. I WANT THEM REALLY BADLY. I love buckle details on boots, but i would go to the end of the earth for studded boots like this. You can thank Urban Outfitters again for these wonders. They are retailing at $275USD so they are not too bad, i'll just have to figure out a way to get them. Sigh. What would i wear with these you ask? EVERYTHING.

I'll just go and dream so more.
Enjoy the weekend,

Tot ziens.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wonders of Alice

The Alice in Wonderland film by Tim Burton is sending people into flurry's already. I personally am incredibly excited to see it, especially because it was one of my favourite stories when i was growing up.

During my usual morning stumble around on blogs i came across this particular website and loved this shoot of AIW inspired photos.

If you click on the link above you will see all of the photos, they are very very beautiful. They almost make me want to go white blonde and where cream coloured stockings. (it will never happen).

Tot Ziens

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Complex Geometries

Yes geometry can be complex, but hey there is nothing wrong with that especially when you combine it with fashion.

I introduce to you Complex Geometries (click here for website), and they are really rocking my socks right now. I'm still going through my black drape phase so you can see why i dig their style. And hoorah hoorah they do guys clothes, gals clothes and some pretty sweet unisex stuff too.

Check them out, they have really versatile pieces averaging about $140USD which isn't too bad at the moment. Personally i am lusting after the Vertex Gown and the Junction Dress.

Black drape? Check. Grey Drape? Check. Versatility? Check. Well there you have it everything a girl could want all wrapped up in one tidy little package. Geometry keeps looking better and better.

Tot Ziens

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Moschino Report

As i was doing my daily browse of i realised that i have been meaning to do a follow up report of Moschino collections for quite some time. So here it is, the short revised version specially packaged just for you. I'm not going to say much more, i just want you to breathe in the beautiful colours and rich tailoring used throughout.

1. Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall RTW 2009

2. Moschino Resort 2010

3. Moschino Fall RTW 2009

So much to take in i know. Just mull over it for the next couple of days.

Tot ziens

p.s all images are from 

Secret delights

Do you have secret delights? I do, many of them actually. But one of my biggest ones i am going to share with you. I l.o.v.e buying international magazines full of the latest campaign ads. I don't know why, well, no! actually i do. I'm a tactile person, i love being able to hold beautiful things and stick them on my wall. It's not the same to just have an image from cyberspace. So, here is something i would like to share with you guys that i discovered in Vogue UK's September issue. It's Miu Miu's latest ad campaign and i adore its simplicity and melodrama.

So what other things are secret delights to me? Well you will just have to wait for another blog posting. Until next time,

Tot Ziens.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When you need some inspiration...

I think the reason i haven't been posting as much in the last couple of weeks is because i am lacking in content that i find really inspiring. But, thanks to my wonderful friend Kate and her blog and the perusing i was doing on it this afternoon i came across these images that made my day.

From Kate's blog i went on to a gorgeous blog called Scout Holiday, where i then stumbled over images like these, and so of course i went to immediately suss out where they originated. Turns out Maison Michel Paris is responsible for these beauties. The House was originally created by a Hatmaker named Auguste Michel in 1936. Through the decades it was renowned for its Haute Couture Hats and was widely used by Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. The turning point for the House was in 1996 when it was taken over by Chanel, and namely Karl Lagerfeld. So of course if you put two and two together you will realise that Lagerfeld himself took these amazing photographs. Here are a few more i lovingly borrowed from the website.

So do stop by and see what they have to offer. Tomorrow i think i might wear my feather head band and lots of costume jewellery in homage to my latest find.

Until next time,

Tot ziens.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is not often that i experience love at first sight. But tonight, just before i thought about sleeping i was whipping through Fashion Quarterly's latest issue (beautiful by the way) and i say a small add at the back with these shoes that instantly caught my eye.

I'm in lust, it is official. I am going to try and get my hands on a pair ASAP. They are 'Dilemma' wedges by Chaos and Harmony. Hailing from the latest collection by Rebecca Anderson for C&H quite frankly they are the must have kind of shoe for summer. And if you're like me and still wear black in the sunshine then they are perfect for you too. To me they are the local equivalent of the YSL Cage boot. If you don't know what they are, well let me show you.

These YSL boots have been one of big 'must haves' of the year. They can be very hit and miss though. I love them, i do, but they do look a little painful. Hence why i am so incredibly pro the C&H shoes.

Wedge? Check. Great for comfort. Zip detailing? Check. Who doesn't love zip detailing. Mesh? Check. Sometimes you have to have a little bit in your life to keep people guessing.

They are mine, well they should be at least.

Tot Ziens

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello Alexander

Well as you guys know i died when i saw a few images from Alexander McQueen's Resort 2010 collection. Well i almost had a conniption just now when i realised that his entire collection was on finally. And it is beautiful. It can be split up into three sections really, so i thought i would give you a taste of one of my favourite collections this year.

1. Architectural chic

The first three are definitely my top three favourites from the collection. The delicate lace overlaying the electric yellow, then turned into a high-neck collar then into amazing leggings, they are all perfect really. I also like the origami inspired red shift, i think that hue of red is beautiful especially paired against porcelain skin.

2. Stripes on acid
This intoxicating combination of crimson, cobalt and geometric patterns is not for the shrinking violet. You have to have some pretty big kahunas to pull something like these pieces off. But i think the best thing to do would be to take one of these electric pieces and pair it with something more neutral. Or wear it head to toe, it's up to you.

3. Artistic license

Paint splatters purposefully on your clothes? It's an interesting concept. I'm not sure if i am the biggest fan. I can just imagine turning up to meet my mum in the jeans covered artistically in paint and her telling me to go home and put something clean on. It would happen, trust me. But in saying that, i like the combination of the painted denim and the sharp tailoring.

So there you have it, Alexander Mcqueen resort 2010 round up. It's an eclectic mix i feel, but a successful one.

Oh and all the pictures are from

Tot Ziens

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Love list

I have to firstly apologize for not posting of late, school work has taken over my life again. But here are a couple of things i love at the moment to keep you updated.

1. Rad Hourani

Could a name be any more fitting? Rad's clothes are incredibly rad. We should really bring that turn of phrase back. I would wear everything of his latest collection, it has everything i love in clothing, monochrome colour palette, drape for africa and a breath of fresh air. This is technically more of a resort line consisting of 15 unisex pieces, which brings in more cottons and jersey fabrics where as his more formal lines are filled with cashmere and leather. Check out his web page here and gaze at the wonders he has created.

2. Sharply dressed men

Give me a man in stripes, boat shoes and and gorgeous jacket and i will be set for life. Smart dressing for guys is still making head way as one of the leading trends, especially as we go into spring soon. Pick up cool cotton shirts, waistcoats and bow-ties for an instant update.

3. The Selby

Quite possibly one of my favourite websites ever, The Selby is an amazing site that gives you an insight into the lives of artists and creatives from all around the world. One of my favourites is a peek inside Alexander Wang's workspace. Go check it out, especially if your looking at interesting ways to spice up your home living.

4. Ori Gersht

He takes bunches of flowers and dips them in liquid nitrogen, then he blows them up and captures it on camera. AMAZING. I have used him in one of my projects for school. Just google him to find out more.

5. Fall RTW Collections

If you love an excuse to look at beautiful clothes, go and check out's Fall RTW collections they have been out for awhile but its always nice to look back and gaze at the untouchable clothes. I have now added to my list a one shouldered black jersey dress, big shouldered jacket and sequins galore.

i have heaps more to post, so don't worry there won't be another gigantic gap between posts.

Tot ziens