Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well well well...

It has been a long time since i have done this. I'm not quite sure why but lately i just haven't really had much to say. It may be because i have been extremely busy, or something along those lines.

So here is what i am putting to you readers. I want to know all about your favourite DIY websites. Or if you have your own awesome DIY ideas let me know them because i am wanting to compile a whole lot together for a project of mine. They don't need to be fancy, just fun and interesting.

My biggest issue at the moment is trying to get my winter wardrobe together and ready because by god is it getting cold fast. I'm already doing my "I'm going to wear these jeans until they get holy" routine because everything else isn't cutting the mustard.

What's your winter must have? I can't stop thinking about the amazing shoe options we have for Winter this year. Brogues, boat shoes, biker boots, hiking boots, safari boots, you name it anything goes. 

And on the colour front, no i have not been able to get out of my safe zone and now that the colder months are upon us - black is fantastic to snuggle into.

I thought i would also blog today about a fabulous nz designer that everyone needs to know the name of. She is up and coming in a big way and i just got one of her dresses for my graduation ceremony next week.
Her name is Sherie Muijs (pronounced mouse) and her stuff is ah-maze-ing. Click on her name to go to her website. You'll love her Summer 11' collection straight away.

So here is a editorial from Grazia from a couple of weeks ago that i love. It's inspired by the latest Robin Hood movie (i haven't heard great things about it funnily enough) and the fashion kicks ass. Check it.

I think i may have just got my self out of my blogging rut ... here's hoping anyway. Until next time.

Tot ziens.