Monday, June 8, 2009

In the beginning...

Who am i? 
Where am i going?
The answer... 
There never is one.
There is one thing that i know for sure. I was made to covert, obsess - live and breathe fashion. From here on in, i will subject you to what i am inspired by. BUT i will not limit it to fashion musings, i am also greatly influenced by music, literature and art.

To start this off i thought i would give you an idea of who i am.

No i am not Corinne Roitfeld - i wish i was though. If an image could summarise a person... this could be bang on the buck for me. I am dramatic, and my friends will attest to this. If i could live my life in black and white i would. I'm a monochromatic, structured and a classic dresser. I covert my black leather boots and my felt, zipper embellished, bomber jacket. 
I strive to be like Corinne, classic, chic and completely cool.

okay so i ran out of time. dang. i will post again. with more images.. maybe one of myself. we'll see.

tot ziens

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