Sunday, June 14, 2009

Les Hommes

This post is specially for a friend, who has some cutting edge duds. 

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I have found that a lot of guys, especially New Zealand guys have an issue with adapting to new and unusual trends. They are still stuck on the skinny leg jeans, the ked shoes and the graphic tee. But don't get me wrong, this is perfectly okay. Because if they are wearing the above that means there is no sign of the stubbies, rugby jerseys and sandals (even in winter). 

Come on boys. Keep up with the play. Venture into buttoned up shirts, blazers, rolled cuff pants and loafers. And if you're thinking that this is far to preppy then go for layers in blacks, greys, khakis and navy. 

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Military is huge again. Think Sgt Peppers and don a leader-of-the-band jacket just like those seen on the D&G runway (2nd photo from left) or just start layering like Prada (first image) and Rag and Bone (last image). The possibilities are endless.

Dress your best boys, it counts. Put on the bow-tie (oh yes they kick ass!) shine the shoes and tuck in the shirts. Mens fashion is on its way up!

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