Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost over, time for new beginnings.

With 2010 rapidly approaching i have to admit i am a little freaked out as to how fast the last ten years have gone. I remember being 14 and watch the new millennium begin and that was pretty cool. Almost ten years later i think; holy crap what's the next ten going to bring? The last decade saw me become an adult, will the next see me become a wife or mother? I guess we'll just have to see.

There is one thing that has definitely changed since i was fourteen, my fashion sense. Back then i was still a little sheep following the crowds not aware that fashion would possibly be my career choice. Here is a quick look at what people were possibly wearing back in 2000.

I know i know how tragic is it that at some point Britney Spears actually dictated fashion trends. Thank god that little hiccup is over and done with.

But anyway i thought i would also post a top five favourite things for the last couple of days of 2009. So here we go.

1. Miguel Reveriego for Acne Paper Sweden

2. Artist Anahata Katkin

Discovered her at Christmas through a very good friend of mine (who is training to be an opera singer!) I can't get enough of her illustrations at the moment, go and check her out!

3. Old family photos

This is a portrait of my beloved Grandparents after they got married in 1952. Just one year after they immigrated from the Netherlands and started a new life together. It is one of my most favourite photos of all time, and very telling of the times. What do you think?

4. Alexander Wangs Spring/Summer 2010 collection

This is still one of my favourite collections for this year. I love Alexander Wang, he is a fashion genius.

5. Bob Dylan

He's an oldie but by god is he still god, oh i mean good. Oh well they both work. I have been going through another Dylan phase, probably the third one of his kind this year. I just keep coming back to his coarse yet poetic music.

Well if you don't hear from me until Friday, Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe but party likes it's 1999 again.

Tot ziens

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas day. For me it was fairly emotional as it was the first christmas without my grandparents, but i survived. I do love this time of the year though, apart from the mad rushing with shopping. A nice little calm feeling creeps over my house and everything relaxes. We all just enjoy each others company and are thankful that we still have each other. Anyway enough sap, lets get into to it. A new year is quickly arriving and i need to start making some very big plans.

1. I am moving to Auckland at the end of February
2. I need to get my website up and running.
3. Do i need business cards? Yes yes i do.
4. I need to subscribe to all the magazines i love, it's so much cheaper.
5. Shit im moving to Auckland.
6. My wardrobe still feels like it's missing something. But i can't put my finger on it.
7. Need to buy a car. Eek.

Looks like 2010 is going to be a big one. Anyway here is an editorial that is completly awesome and i think you will all enjoy. I love a bit of rock chic in my life. The editorial is from Fashion gone Rogue and is from the US Vogue January issue.

Sasha Pivovarova is such a chameleon. She transforms so flawlessly.
Hope everyone is have a great holiday period.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hot Coco

Gosh i have to say my new favourite blog crush right now is Cocorosa! She has theeeee most amazing personal style. Basically, and your going to hate me for saying this, but i want snow. Right now. So i can wear all my fabulous vintage furs and rug up in lots of layers and thick patterned tights. Check out a couple of her latest outfits.

And my favourite of them all....

I'm going to have to adapt this one for summer wear, but you know how i love grey marl so it shouldn't be too hard. She is also another reason why i kick myself for not being brave enough to go blonde. Humph. Anyway, go check her out she is fantastic.

Hope you're all having a great christmas eve day.

Tot ziens.

P.s all photos are from Cocorosa.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tilda, strike a pose.

Tilda Swinton, androgynous beauty, alien like and completely mesmerizing. I think she is my girl crush right now. She wears high end clothing like no other.

These images are from Coute Que Coute blog, and i just thought they were fantastic. Tilda really knows what she's doing and the clothing of course is stunning!! What's your favourite?

Just had to show you this. Will post more tonight.

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Monday, December 21, 2009


I don't know if you are like me or not, but i can get quite obsessive about things. Shoes are pretty high up on the obsession list and so is anything black, tailored and over sized. But what a turn around in my black wardrobe at the moment, i have been donning a pair of ripped up jeans (rolled up to my ankle of course) and an oversized navy tshirt. This outfit makes me feel ridiculously preppy-cool and quite sophisticated. I pair it with cream vintage oxfords and wild curly hair. Maybe i am evolving out of my wardrobe of black. Oh no wait, that is rather blasphemous, i take it back. I will always have a love affair with black clothing.

But here is an idea of what i mean with the jeans etc.

From none other than the Sartorialist would you find something so effortlessly and beautifully put together. I would love her brogues right now.

Something else i stumbled over... don't ask me how, it's a mystery. The is a label calledBellaJones and i found on the Not just a label site. Here is a sneak peak of her stuff, i have to say i love it a lot.

Ruffles and Pleats again i know, but i haven't really seen something like this. I also like the daring combination of sherbet colours and black. A pairing that isn't easily pulled off.

Oh and i just had to say, in Auckland everyday my boss and i were driving home from shooting all day we would spot at least one very dapper man walking his way up Queen st. We were both so shocked to see such a nicely dressed man with such a strong sense of style. So boys, to give you some dapper inspiration check these out, and of course you girls do to so you know what to buy them for christmas he he he.

And yes yes i know it's summer here, so here are a couple of shots for the season now, and the above are for future winter time inspiration.

The beard is optional of course.

Okay that is all for now, i need to eat something before i get hangry.

Tot ziens

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The week that was.

Well my lovelies, what an exciting week i have just had. I was in Auckland working with the women at Simply You assisting on the fashion shoots for the next fashion issue of the magazine. I don't think i have ever worked so hard in my life, and at the same time had so much fun. I know now that i am to be a stylist, and have my first job lined up in March.

But anyway enough about me, lets get into the good stuff. I'm loving the Prefall collections out at the moment. Burberry is on fire at the moment, i can't get enough of their amazing collections.

The last photo is definitely my favourite look after the black tailoring. Don't you think it's inspired by Amelia Earhart?

With the awaited biopic about the ground breaking Amelia, it is only natural that designers see her as a source of inspiration.

Another think i am lovingly pouring over at the moment is Pilot Magazine. Check out their website here, and definitely go and buy the latest issue it is so beautiful.

Okay so this is just a quick one for now, shooting out to grab some last minute Christmas presents. But i will be posting some photos of the decorations around my house tomorrow. I love this time of year.

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