Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am here, just a little busy - #2

Hi everyone, well it has been an age since i blogged you may think, but man has that wait been worth it. i have so much to show and tell it's not funny. So where do i start? I think i'll start with finishing off new york fashion, yes? yes.

1. Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra said of his debut Spring collection "I wanted everything to be light, airy, and wearable" and boy did he achieve that. I love the very simple easiness of the collection, the very sophisticated colour palette, and boy when they said orange was going to be a big colour this year did they mean it. It is literally coming out all over the spectrum of designers. I like this guy Bibhu, he will definitely be one to watch. Check out the rest of his collection here.

2. Calvin Klein

I have to admit i was not overwhelmed with Francisco Costa's collection this season. There were elements i did like though. The first third of the collection was predominantly white, soft and organic. I can dig this, it's very breezy spring attire. But then, personally it got a little too tie-dyed and billowy for my tastes. The hints of sherbet colours was an added bonus towards the end, and i especially like the use of the charcoal, but like i said - not my favourite this season. See the rest of his collection here.

3. Jeremy Laing

Oh hi Jemermy Laing, i love you. For some reason Mr Laing has slipped under my radar for quite some time. Not many words can describe how much i love his aesthetic but the

You know what i think i will end it here for today, it's always good to leave on a high note and boy do i need to do some school work.

Tot Ziens.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Far away

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't kept updating on fashion week. I'm in Auckland (city of sails apparently) to do a week of work experience with a designer based up here. When i have some more time i will fill you in. If you go to though you will see the latest shows being posted. Look out for Marc Jacobs and Rodarte who have been just put up.

Tot ziens

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Round #2

Round two of Spring 2010 RTW.

1. Alexander Wang
I do love this utilitarian-sports wear look, i have been slowly introducing khaki into my wardrobe again (shock horror). But all in all, a little underwhelmed. I was expecting ah-mahze-hing from him and instead it was amazing. he definitely has an eye for piecing together unusual fabrics and cuts, so i do give this a thumbs up, but looks like Helmut Lang is still my number one this season.

2. Boy by Band of Outsiders
Band of Outsiders has always been a favourite of mine, especially the mens wear. They always manage to keep the boys look sharp but causal in their loose tailoring and shirt and tie combinations. Plus, any guy wearing boat shoes get a big tick from me.

3. Karen Walker
True to her style Karen Walker has delivered another bright and bold collection. I do have to say i am digging on the breton stripes at the moment, but alas for someone like me (a.k.a anyone with meat on their bones) i will look hideous in them. I do also like the use of the acid yellow in the brilliant hats and the prim and proper style the collection gives on the whole.

But! Who am i really waiting for?

1. Lanvin
2. Chanel
3. Ann D
4. Rick Owens
5. Stella McCartney
6. Viktor and Rolf
7. Balmain

The anticipation is getting pretty high.

Until then,

Tot ziens.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spring has sprung upon us.

I am so excited, so excited, most incredibly excited. The kind of excited that makes you almost giddy. Spring 2010 RTW is up and running and i am ... well, excited. So here is a taste of what's out at the moment.

1. BCBG Max Azria
I am such a sucker right now for gorgeous prints, and for some reason these ones really do it for me. I also love the subtle way the fabrics have been manipulated into the layering and drape of the dresses. But the piece that i love the most from this collection is definitely the black dress (surprise surprise) and its unusual neckline. Very chic and modern.

2. Helmut Lang
I have to say i was most pleasantly surprised by this collection. I would wear it all. I love the very simple colour palette, the subtle use of pattern, the drape, and the unexpected addition of denim. I have a new found respect for the brand that is Helmut Lang. Nicely done.

I will be posting more in the next coming days, so keep an eye out.

Tot Ziens.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am here, just a little busy.

Hi everyone, i am sorry i haven't posted in the last couple of days. School has been hectic and and i'm on the countdown to the end of my degree. 5 weeks to go. So here are a few images to tide you over until next time. I think they are so beautiful, they make me want to runaway to russia for some reason.

All of the images are from a website i found while searching on Stumbleupon, its called Style Alchemy and you can check the post here .

I'll post again as soon as possible,

Tot ziens