Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Collaboration station

Ello all.

As promised, the not-so-famed male perspective has arrived. I'll try and keep my posts as varied and eclectic as possible, but my fashion musings are dominated by vintage and styles from the past. And it is here that i shall start...

The recent re-emergence of vintage has seen mens fashion take off. By creatively adapting past trends, classical styles like all-American prep and the nautical weekender have once again become edgy. Although each look is unique, they often share style in the details.

The above three kick-ass looks, whilst distinctly different, share certain detailing that i reckon is essential when pulling off vintage. Starting from the bottom up, the length of the trousers is crucial. You'll notice that first two lads, wearing the trousers, both have a bit of ankle showing. This is a classical look (see desinger Thom Browne for a modern rendition) that can be achieved with either a clean, hemmed cuff or a rolled up cuff. The shorts: always above the knee, with the same hemming and rolling techniques apllying.

Next, where the trousers/shorts sit on your waist. Cmon lads, gone are the days of low-rider pants with satin boxers showing, get them up round your stomach where they're supposed to be worn!

Chuck in a shirt...not a tee! Tuck it in and button that shit up to the top. Add a tie if you wish. For a cool alternative, instead of your traditional dress shirt, use a polo (can't go past Ralph Lauren). This dresses it down a lil, for all you guys a bit scared of formality.

Lastly, and only because i thought i'd mentioned it first but hadn't, are the shoes. All of the above styles use a similar boat shoe, which is hard to beat. Also, depending on the length of the trouser, you can change it up with some old-school desert boots, big fan of Clarkes personally (

Right, enough of the rambling. Am thinking of doing a piece on the aforementioned Thom Browne soonish. Stay posted.

A presto

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