Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colour me this

So if you had not already noticed, i am not a huge colour wearer. I live, breathe and dream in colour but my wardrobe is mainly black and grey. Sometimes it is easier to keep my self swathed in noir so i don't have to make so many decisions about coordinating my look. BUT if i were to wear colour this season, i would probably go completely mad and draw inspiration from the following...

Colour is so powerful so why not just go absolutely mad and wear a combination of colourful pieces even if they clash. Colour is about expression, it is about exuding a confidence and most of all it is about happiness. Chuck on a few pairs of colour beads, or wear some massive scarf that has a rainbow explosion of colour. Prints, prints and prints... it's always about the prints. Or why not wear colours you thought you would never wear together like olive green and turquoise (thats a personal favourite). Or if you have the kahunas, take inspiration for the Steven Sprouse photo and wear an outfit of one colour top to toe. I seen this done in red and white, but there is something about this fuchsia ensemble that is almost edible.

Or if you are little bit more conservative (like me) take a daring vibrant colour and pair it with black. These photos are from the Lanvin 2009 Spring RTW collection. Notice that Albar Elbaz uses blocks of colour in simple but structured pieces to get the most impact. So whether its emerald, pistachio, amber or crimson it takes baby steps to bring back colour into a wardrobe, so i'll keep you posted with how i'm going. Have a wonderful day.

Tot ziens

p.s the magazine clips i cannot remember the details, i will go hunting for them at some point. The all pink outfit is Steven Sprouse 1985 i think. 

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