Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost over, time for new beginnings.

With 2010 rapidly approaching i have to admit i am a little freaked out as to how fast the last ten years have gone. I remember being 14 and watch the new millennium begin and that was pretty cool. Almost ten years later i think; holy crap what's the next ten going to bring? The last decade saw me become an adult, will the next see me become a wife or mother? I guess we'll just have to see.

There is one thing that has definitely changed since i was fourteen, my fashion sense. Back then i was still a little sheep following the crowds not aware that fashion would possibly be my career choice. Here is a quick look at what people were possibly wearing back in 2000.

I know i know how tragic is it that at some point Britney Spears actually dictated fashion trends. Thank god that little hiccup is over and done with.

But anyway i thought i would also post a top five favourite things for the last couple of days of 2009. So here we go.

1. Miguel Reveriego for Acne Paper Sweden

2. Artist Anahata Katkin

Discovered her at Christmas through a very good friend of mine (who is training to be an opera singer!) I can't get enough of her illustrations at the moment, go and check her out!

3. Old family photos

This is a portrait of my beloved Grandparents after they got married in 1952. Just one year after they immigrated from the Netherlands and started a new life together. It is one of my most favourite photos of all time, and very telling of the times. What do you think?

4. Alexander Wangs Spring/Summer 2010 collection

This is still one of my favourite collections for this year. I love Alexander Wang, he is a fashion genius.

5. Bob Dylan

He's an oldie but by god is he still god, oh i mean good. Oh well they both work. I have been going through another Dylan phase, probably the third one of his kind this year. I just keep coming back to his coarse yet poetic music.

Well if you don't hear from me until Friday, Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe but party likes it's 1999 again.

Tot ziens

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