Monday, December 21, 2009


I don't know if you are like me or not, but i can get quite obsessive about things. Shoes are pretty high up on the obsession list and so is anything black, tailored and over sized. But what a turn around in my black wardrobe at the moment, i have been donning a pair of ripped up jeans (rolled up to my ankle of course) and an oversized navy tshirt. This outfit makes me feel ridiculously preppy-cool and quite sophisticated. I pair it with cream vintage oxfords and wild curly hair. Maybe i am evolving out of my wardrobe of black. Oh no wait, that is rather blasphemous, i take it back. I will always have a love affair with black clothing.

But here is an idea of what i mean with the jeans etc.

From none other than the Sartorialist would you find something so effortlessly and beautifully put together. I would love her brogues right now.

Something else i stumbled over... don't ask me how, it's a mystery. The is a label calledBellaJones and i found on the Not just a label site. Here is a sneak peak of her stuff, i have to say i love it a lot.

Ruffles and Pleats again i know, but i haven't really seen something like this. I also like the daring combination of sherbet colours and black. A pairing that isn't easily pulled off.

Oh and i just had to say, in Auckland everyday my boss and i were driving home from shooting all day we would spot at least one very dapper man walking his way up Queen st. We were both so shocked to see such a nicely dressed man with such a strong sense of style. So boys, to give you some dapper inspiration check these out, and of course you girls do to so you know what to buy them for christmas he he he.

And yes yes i know it's summer here, so here are a couple of shots for the season now, and the above are for future winter time inspiration.

The beard is optional of course.

Okay that is all for now, i need to eat something before i get hangry.

Tot ziens

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Kate said...

so the cream vintage oxfords are working out for you huh? hehe.

lets give jason a makeover! love the second summery guy. although actually that's just what I want to dress like. buttoned-up-all-the-way shirt and boat shoes FTW!