Friday, January 1, 2010

To resolute or not to resolute...

Welcome to 2010 everyone, by george! it feels, its feels, well exactly the same. But a new year brings new hopes, dreams and of course resolutions. So in the kind ol' tradition of, well, that tradition here are a few of my resolutions for twentyten.

1. Blog more regularly

2. Be brave and make the move to Auckland

3. Start my empire (yes yes very Darth Vader i know)

And of course my favourite annual resolution...

4. Be more organised.

You know there are probably a hundred more that i should list, but i think resolutions should be semi-achievable. Apart from my number four i think i'm on track.

Okay off to the hospice shop to see what bargains are to be had with Parry.

Tot Ziens

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