Thursday, August 13, 2009

When you need some inspiration...

I think the reason i haven't been posting as much in the last couple of weeks is because i am lacking in content that i find really inspiring. But, thanks to my wonderful friend Kate and her blog and the perusing i was doing on it this afternoon i came across these images that made my day.

From Kate's blog i went on to a gorgeous blog called Scout Holiday, where i then stumbled over images like these, and so of course i went to immediately suss out where they originated. Turns out Maison Michel Paris is responsible for these beauties. The House was originally created by a Hatmaker named Auguste Michel in 1936. Through the decades it was renowned for its Haute Couture Hats and was widely used by Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. The turning point for the House was in 1996 when it was taken over by Chanel, and namely Karl Lagerfeld. So of course if you put two and two together you will realise that Lagerfeld himself took these amazing photographs. Here are a few more i lovingly borrowed from the website.

So do stop by and see what they have to offer. Tomorrow i think i might wear my feather head band and lots of costume jewellery in homage to my latest find.

Until next time,

Tot ziens.


Anonymous said...

Hi hunny! Just thought you should know your link to me is a bit funny.

I heart the one of alexa & bunny.

(I am awesome at rhymes)

Anonymous said...

OOPS I mean Lou, not alexa. How embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for you to come and stay! Ahhh! Loves you more than a super pickle xox