Monday, August 31, 2009

God's gift?

I recently found the wonderful website stumbleupon, a fantastic sight for finding new blogs that meet your interests. My beautiful friend Kate, like usual put me on to this little gem.

So for the next couple of posts i will give you a couple of hints at the sort of things I'm looking at, but i do recommend checking it out for yourself.

These images are from the really interesting and some what controversial (but in the best kind of way) blog Trend de la Creme. The article, suitably named "Maybe Givenchy really is God's Gift to Fashion?", centres around Riccardo Tisci's fall/winter 2008 collection for Givenchy. His inspiration? "Gothic Latino" with the added influence of a trip to Venezuela. What a recipe for perfection.
I'm very much a fan of Gothic architecture, especially in Cathedrals where the ceilings are just mind boggling. There is something heavy and dark about it, completely filled with somber emotion and very powerful. So combining this with fashion equals quite a big 'Well done Tisci', you really pulled off some beautiful pieces.
Stay tuned,
Tot ziens.


Sarah Von said...

What a genius pairing! I love that completely over the top gold piece.

imnotmygeneration said...

the gold piece is mesmerizing! your right. and i think my fav (which some how i forgot to state!!) is the first with the leather caplet i think.

Kate said...

Very cool pairing!

(That's funny cos I don't even really know how to use stumbleupon)