Sunday, August 23, 2009

Complex Geometries

Yes geometry can be complex, but hey there is nothing wrong with that especially when you combine it with fashion.

I introduce to you Complex Geometries (click here for website), and they are really rocking my socks right now. I'm still going through my black drape phase so you can see why i dig their style. And hoorah hoorah they do guys clothes, gals clothes and some pretty sweet unisex stuff too.

Check them out, they have really versatile pieces averaging about $140USD which isn't too bad at the moment. Personally i am lusting after the Vertex Gown and the Junction Dress.

Black drape? Check. Grey Drape? Check. Versatility? Check. Well there you have it everything a girl could want all wrapped up in one tidy little package. Geometry keeps looking better and better.

Tot Ziens

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