Monday, August 3, 2009

A Love list

I have to firstly apologize for not posting of late, school work has taken over my life again. But here are a couple of things i love at the moment to keep you updated.

1. Rad Hourani

Could a name be any more fitting? Rad's clothes are incredibly rad. We should really bring that turn of phrase back. I would wear everything of his latest collection, it has everything i love in clothing, monochrome colour palette, drape for africa and a breath of fresh air. This is technically more of a resort line consisting of 15 unisex pieces, which brings in more cottons and jersey fabrics where as his more formal lines are filled with cashmere and leather. Check out his web page here and gaze at the wonders he has created.

2. Sharply dressed men

Give me a man in stripes, boat shoes and and gorgeous jacket and i will be set for life. Smart dressing for guys is still making head way as one of the leading trends, especially as we go into spring soon. Pick up cool cotton shirts, waistcoats and bow-ties for an instant update.

3. The Selby

Quite possibly one of my favourite websites ever, The Selby is an amazing site that gives you an insight into the lives of artists and creatives from all around the world. One of my favourites is a peek inside Alexander Wang's workspace. Go check it out, especially if your looking at interesting ways to spice up your home living.

4. Ori Gersht

He takes bunches of flowers and dips them in liquid nitrogen, then he blows them up and captures it on camera. AMAZING. I have used him in one of my projects for school. Just google him to find out more.

5. Fall RTW Collections

If you love an excuse to look at beautiful clothes, go and check out's Fall RTW collections they have been out for awhile but its always nice to look back and gaze at the untouchable clothes. I have now added to my list a one shouldered black jersey dress, big shouldered jacket and sequins galore.

i have heaps more to post, so don't worry there won't be another gigantic gap between posts.

Tot ziens

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