Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Globe time

Golden Globe red carpet round up time is upon us. I don't really give a hoot about the actual awards but i do give a hoot about the fashion. So i thought i would have my own little awards for those who i liked, didn't like so much and anything else i can give my opinion on (a trend i feel).

1. The best dress

Maggie Gyllenhaal, in RM by Roland Mouret with Bulgari jewels. i can't actually tell you why i love it, i just do.

2. Most interesting dress

Chloë Sevigny, in Valentino with Stephen Russell jewels and a Roger Vivier clutch. Who can understand Chloe's style? Not a lot of people, but the one thing i absolutely love about her is the bold choices she makes and individual ones as well.

3. The "woah what's going on here, i think you have something on your dress" dress

Drew Barrymore, in Atelier Versace with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a Roger Vivier clutch. What is that thing growing on your hip Drew? Minus the coral type growth on the hip i think it would be a fabulous dress.

4.The "i did not expect her to wear that" dress

Anna Paquin, in Stella McCartney with Stephen Russell jewels and an Alexander McQueen clutch. Like i said, i really did not expect Paquin to wear something like this at all. Do i like? The jury isn't out yet.

5. The "holy cow you look good for your age" dress

Glenn Close. This woman is 62, and undoubtedly looks amazing in this dress. Holy cow indeed.

6. The "what i would wear" dress

Jeanne Tripplehorn, in Alberta Ferretti. I love this, i would wear it. Enough said.

7. The "what on earth were you thinking" dress

Christina Hendricks, in Christian Siriano with a Christian Louboutin clutch and Loree Rodkin jewels. Words are beyond me with this one. Wrong wrong wrong.

8. The "great dress to much bronzer" dress

Penélope Cruz, in Armani Privé with Chopard jewels. Toooooo much bronzer for this otherwise beauty. What a shame.

And last but not least

9. The "i expected so much more from you" dress

Diane Kruger, in Christian Lacroix Haute Couture with Chanel Fine Jewelry jewels and a Raven Kauffman clutch. I really did expect so much more from her. I am going to be brutal and say i don't like this at all and am disappointed in it. Diane is usually so much more on to it.

Check out the rest of the red carpet photos here, and all the photos are from the same place www.style.com.

Tot ziens.

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