Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of Bass

Never in my life have i ever wanted to be Helena Christensen so badly. Oh Chuck Bass you rogue and brutish piece of eye candy.

Yes Ed Westwick is hot, but Chuck is hotter. te he he i'm sure you'll agree with me.

I would also like to say thank you to Vogue China for this materpiece. And thanks also to Patrick Demarchelier who made this happen. My love for sport inspired day wear is ever increasing and this editorial just bumped it up another couple of notches.

Also just to top things off here are a couple of images from the latest Chanel campaign. I feel like watching Zoro now... odd feeling.

Tot ziens.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha! Did I know you fancied The Bass? I must agree regarding Ed vs Chuck. Chuck wins every time. You need to be a flamingly homoerotic overconfident bastard billionaire to pull off that steez. Not a pretty-boy actor. ;)