Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am here, just a little busy - #2

Hi everyone, well it has been an age since i blogged you may think, but man has that wait been worth it. i have so much to show and tell it's not funny. So where do i start? I think i'll start with finishing off new york fashion, yes? yes.

1. Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra said of his debut Spring collection "I wanted everything to be light, airy, and wearable" and boy did he achieve that. I love the very simple easiness of the collection, the very sophisticated colour palette, and boy when they said orange was going to be a big colour this year did they mean it. It is literally coming out all over the spectrum of designers. I like this guy Bibhu, he will definitely be one to watch. Check out the rest of his collection here.

2. Calvin Klein

I have to admit i was not overwhelmed with Francisco Costa's collection this season. There were elements i did like though. The first third of the collection was predominantly white, soft and organic. I can dig this, it's very breezy spring attire. But then, personally it got a little too tie-dyed and billowy for my tastes. The hints of sherbet colours was an added bonus towards the end, and i especially like the use of the charcoal, but like i said - not my favourite this season. See the rest of his collection here.

3. Jeremy Laing

Oh hi Jemermy Laing, i love you. For some reason Mr Laing has slipped under my radar for quite some time. Not many words can describe how much i love his aesthetic but the

You know what i think i will end it here for today, it's always good to leave on a high note and boy do i need to do some school work.

Tot Ziens.

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