Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gone but not forgotten.

It started in the morning on thursday last week, i was sitting in the physio waiting to be pummeled, and the receptionist confirmed what was thought to be just a rumor thus far. Michael Jackson was dead. The really bizarre thing was that i felt quite sad. This incredibly unusual man has finally found peace, in death. I spent the day reminiscing about how he had influenced my life, and i had to laugh a little. When i was younger (6 or 7) i had on going arguments with my friend Hayley about who was better, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. So it is not surprising if a mere peasant like myself reminisces the rest of the is doing the same.


So surprise surprise when i opened Australia's Grazia today there was a special fashion shoot tribute to the King of Pop himself. And, of course, it was fantastic.  

So here is a sneak peak, and yes i know, another tuxedo! But its such a great example of the modern day twist.

So if you would like to rock a MJ look, don your high power black jackets, anything sparkly or sequined, gloves are always a bonus and work that attitude.

Also I am completely convinced now, to not only wear a bow tie but to get a great big blunt fringe. 

That's all for now.

Tot ziens

p.s Both images from Grazia Magazine. 
p.s.s  Sorry about the rugged quality of the stupid scanner and plus in a frenzy to take the images out of the magazine they ripped. dang.

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing. I hope there are more for me to see!